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Real estate: economics, management


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No. 4 (2023): Real estate: economics, management

Dear readers!

Being one of the most important infrastructure sectors of the Russian economy, construction ensures not only its viability and development, but also a comfortable living and operating environment.

Housing construction continued to develop at a rapid pace. At the same time, there is a structural shift towards individual housing construction. In short, under the conditions of growing sanctions pressure and reputational blockade of the Russian economy, it is construction that has become the most powerful factor that ensures not only sustainability, but also accelerated development of sectors that need import substitution, as well as determining the future parameters and advantages of the Russian economic model. Its vulnerability at present is a consequence of the contradictions and development risks accumulated over the last decades.

Construction, being the most important fund-creating industry providing structural and technological manoeuvre of the Russian economy, needs radical technical and technological transformation. The models of investment and construction activities also need to be updated.

Against the background of sanctions against the country's largest banks, the only operative solution to support the industry in the process of overcoming the limits of growth is to increase budget financing. Obviously, we are not talking about all projects, but only those strategically oriented to ensure economic and technological sovereignty. In the investment and construction sphere, it is an infrastructural boost, carried out on an expanding domestic technological base.


Peter Grabovyу,


Published: 2023-12-28

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